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Winning in '22 is a program that will give you detailed action items and specific activities each month, preparing you for success in 2022 and beyond. ​


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New Agent Greenhouse Overview

October 4


The BHGRE Greenhouse is your portal to all that BHGRE has to offer. You can find marketing tools and resources, social media and video assets, and brand-exclusive partnerships and discounts. Join us to explore the top items the Greenhouse has to offer in growing your business.

Agent Productivity 1



Agent Productivity 1 is a business building program for new and experienced agents looking to cover all the basics and build their businesses. Highly engaged participants will develop successful habits using the tools and resources available to achieve sustainable results. This pilot offers you first access to the latest version of the Agent Productivity course with its newly tuned and revised content and format!

Project: Future Proof | Lead Generation

October 5


In a changing market, agents can quickly get flat-footed or fall into analysis paralysis in the search for new business. We'll make it easy by sharing which stones to turn over to find new business and dialogues to help you attract buyers and sellers in this dynamic market.