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Add feeds of blogs from other websites into your agent website

Keeping your website current with information that your clients (and prospects) want to read is crucial for remaining relevant -- as well as for SEO purposes.

With just a few simple clicks, you can add blog “feeds” from other websites into your own blog, so that even if you’re not personally writing blog posts, your website is staying updated automatically.

This quick video shows the easy-to-follow steps:

These are the BHGRE URLs to paste into your Blog:


Ready to add more feeds? To find the URL of other blogs you may be interested in for your site, watch this quick video or these easy steps:

Go to that blog (sometimes on websites this is labeled as Blog, News or Updates).

Once you’re on the page, right-click anywhere and click on View Page Source.

This will bring up a lot of scary looking code. Search for the word FEED. You will see something that looks like this: Feed" href="" />

Select ONLY the text INSIDE the quotation marks and copy it

Follow the instructions above to include in your website

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