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Cisco Phone and WebEx Rollout

Updated: May 10, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

As we start to get closer to the post pandemic phase of normalizing office operations I am pleased to announce that we will be installing in the offices a new, simpler communication platform that we have acquired through Cisco and Systems Engineering.

Here are some of the features and benefits of the new system:

  • All calls to Agents to the office main line will be automatically routed to their cell phone resulting in managing one voicemail account

  • Agents will no longer need a handset on their desk which removes a piece of equipment to manage

  • You will no longer need direct dial numbers and they will be phased out

  • Each Agent will be provided a 4 digit extension associated with their office. If an Agent needs to retain their DID number we can make arrangements for you to do so for a limited period of time

  • This will significantly increase the bandwidth in each office

  • All phone accounts will be set up for Agents and once the conversion occurs. There is no further need for extra equipment or voicemail accounts other than their cell and voicemail

What will happen next?

  • All of the new phones will be preconfigured and delivered to each location that has not been migrated to the new Cisco Phone System

  • The new phones being shipped are based on the Business Support Specialists updates to our planning document that was shared a few weeks back

  • The number of desk phones and programming of agent cell phones will be rolled out according to this document. Installation instructions will be provided to each Business Support Specialist and cutover dates are provided in the attached schedule

  • WebEx training sessions are being planned. The first session will be held via WebEx on Wednesday February 24th at 2 PM. Additional training sessions will be planned as well and the dates will be shared with you once they become available

  • On June 1, 2021, all TMG Direct Dial numbers associated with Sales Agents will be disabled. All forwarding from the Direct Dial number will no longer function and the extensions will take the place of the Direct Dial number

What will I need to do?

  • Please have your agents review their personal marketing materials and identify if they have a TMG Direct Dial number listed on them

  • When they update their marketing material, please only use the TMG Main Number for the office location with their extension and cell phone

  • If agents are in need of new business cards because they currently have their direct dial on the card rather than the office number the Business Support Specialist will need to work with the Marketing Team to place a company paid for one-time business card update order for the agent

Cisco Phone Service Rollout Schedule
Download PDF • 222KB

Best regards,

Matthew Carley

Director of Information Technology

Masiello Group

Mobile - 603-818-6210

Office - 603-413-7085

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