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Company-Driven Business at Your Split

  1. Masiello Group agents are paid at their actual split levels. Every time. Always.

  2. Referral fees are not marked up.

  3. There is a $100 transaction fee. NO other fees are charged.

  4. Our REALTOR.COM enhancement package is an investment in our agents so that leads on your listings go directly to you without any fees or interference.

  5. Every one of your listing leads also go directly to you without additional fees or interference.

  6. We split internally (and externally in many markets) 60/40. That means that as the listing agent you retain more on your relocation listing sales.

  7. For example, on a 5% transaction the listing agent retains 3% and pays the buyer agent 2%.

  8. Most of your current relocation certifications are transferable to us.

Interested in learning more?

Reach out in confidence to:

Ed Ridolfi, Vice President of Sales & Strategic Growth


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