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October - Week 2

Your tasks for this week -- Set Market Watch Reports for your market(s) to post to Facebook automatically.

Order Magnet calendars/shopping lists for November mailing.

Video Resource: (6 min)

To Order Magnets

TMG Company Store:


Angelia's video this week is combined with Chris' weekly kickoff message:


Downloadable graphics you can use in marketing this tool:


WIN IN 1 is our 4th quarter program that will give you detailed instructions for a specific activity to complete each week, preparing you for success in the first quarter of 2020 and beyond.

Each week will include a 15-20 minute webinar, templates, scripts, and more to give you everything you need to complete the weekly activity. Note – this program is not all about TMGConnect. It’s about capitalizing on a variety of tools and resources (yes, including TMGConnect!) to help you connect with (and widen) your sphere.

#winin1 #morebusinessin2020 #crm

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