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October - Week 4

Over the last couple of weeks, you created some Market Watch reports and invited customers to find out what their homes are worth – now it’s time to reach out to see if they have any questions.

Make phone calls or send text messages or Facebook private messages - referring back to the market watch report.

Sample Market Watch script:

"You may have seen the Market Watch report I sent for {{name of town}}. From this report, we can see a significant (uptick/down swing) from (last month/last year). Would you like to receive these reports on a regular basis? Do you know of anyone else in that neighborhood who may be interested?"

Sample WMHW script:

"Wanted to follow up regarding the instant valuation you received on your home. These quick, automated reports can be a great snapshot, but don't paint the kind of accurate analysis that I can provide for you, comparing your home to actual similar homes in the area. Would you be interested in a more in-depth analysis? Do you know of anyone else in that neighborhood who may be interested?"

Follow up later with "Just calling to check that you received the report and ask if you have any questions that I can answer for you.”

Place an Outgoing Referral by Dec 31 and be entered to win a $100 gift card!

Our Relocation Team is challenging our agents to help us reach Cartus Platinum status this year by bringing in just 33 more outgoing referrals by the end of the year (they don’t need to close this year, just be placed before 12/31).

Your name will be entered for every outgoing referral you place, and you could win a $100 gift card to the restaurant of your choice. Let your friends, family and sphere know that you can help them with buying and selling homes ANYWHERE.

Download graphics you can use on social media, in your emails, etc:


WIN IN 1 is our 4th quarter program that will give you detailed instructions for a specific activity to complete each week, preparing you for success in the first quarter of 2020 and beyond.

Each week will include a 15-20 minute webinar, templates, scripts, and more to give you everything you need to complete the weekly activity. Note – this program is not all about TMGConnect. It’s about capitalizing on a variety of tools and resources (yes, including TMGConnect!) to help you connect with (and widen) your sphere.

#winin1 #morebusinessin2020 #crm

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