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Stay in touch with your sphere with proven tools and strategies – at no additional cost to age

Live Concierge to Assist Your Clients with Their Move

Help make your clients moves EASY!

Our fully automated BHGRE Moves program offers your clients:

  1. 10-15 strategically timed, hyper-local offers revolving around the moving process (all sent as if from you, branded with your name/photo/contact info

  2. Live concierge helping your clients connect their utilities

  3. Exclusive deals and comparisons allowing your clients to make informed choices

  4. At no additional cost to agents or clients

A Platform to Help Keep Track of Contacts

  1. Develop more solid relationships by being dependable. When you’re busy, important emails and phone calls can easily slip through the cracks. A CRM offers tracking and accountability, so you can easily follow through with what you’ve promised to do.

  2. Enhance your ongoing interactions with your contacts by sending e-cards to commemorate milestones and special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, “home-iversaries” and even child and pet birthdays!

  3. Store notes of prior conversations. In this way, you can start where you left off each time you resume a conversation with a prospective or previous client.

  4. Nurture Internet leads and send appropriate automated messaging.

This helpful business management tool is at no additional cost to Masiello agents.

A Lifestyle Brand that Helps you Remain Relevant

Being affiliated with Better Homes and Gardens gives you the unique ability to stay in touch with your clients in meaningful ways — long after the real estate transaction is over!

BH&G Magazine is well known for being a long-standing resource for all things related to home and family.

  1. Hundreds of professionally written blog posts, videos, and social media articles are at your fingertips ready to share!

  2. Send magazine subscriptions* (branded with your photo and contact info!) to past clients and anyone you wish to remain front-of-mind with.

Ready to Learn More?


Sarah Kelley Ford

Director of Career Advancement

Cell: 781-724-8583

Karen Kulberg

Director of Career Advancement Office: 603-926-4466

Cell: 603-502-0241

*Agent pays subscription fee, but we do all the hard work!

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